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Matthew Bodhi” is an emotional runway through the musical mind of singer-songwriter Levi van Dommelen. Not afraid of being touched by the world, he’s walking his own way, writing music which comes from the heart. It’s the story of a young man who’s found another way to translate his emotions into music. Careful to support the music’s message he creates the perfect atmosphere in a solo act where he brings piano, voice, electronical beats and soundscapes together.


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Levi originally started as frontman of the experimental rockband "Process Of The Spirit”, influenced by artists like Radiohead, Muse, Placebo, … Levi’s voice was, in edition 39 of the Belgian “Poppunt magazine”, compared to Matthew Bellamy’s (frontman Muse). This is something what they would tell him many times after. After the studio recordings of the “Off The Planet”-album in 2007.

Levi and his group toured around from the one festival to the other. The band had the greatest time ever. The song “Confusion” of the same record was a success in Canada and hit the radio playlists. The song “No Freedom Of Speech” of that same record, was selected in a Belgian national contest organized by Axion bank and Ancienne Belgique, one of Belgium’s best concert halls. The band and the song were selected by a jury consisting of Australian producer Peter Crosbie (Daan, Axelle Red, Viktor Lazlo,…), Kurt Overbergh (Art director @ Ancienne Belgique) and Alex Stevens (music programmer @ Dour festival (one of Belgium’s greatest festivals).

In 2010 „Process Of The Spirit” would release their new album record „No Need For Poetry” on the Prova Records label (Mauro Pawlowski, Buscemi, …). The song “I’ll die soon” of that same record would be used in the film „Missie Congo” (Mission Congo). It was an amazing experience for such a young musician to hear his own music in cinemas. Soon a lot of famous Belgian artists would promote his music in videos over the internet. You can still find them on Youtube.

In 2011, Levi decided to say goodbye to “Process Of The Spirit” and he invested in his solo career. Now, he would perform under his own name Levi. He collected some songs which he had written before, together with some new songs he’d composed at that time.

Motivated as he was, he sent that specific collection of songs to Radiohead’s and Placebo’s producer Phil Vinall, who was working in Mexico at that time. A few days later, Vinall called Levi with the news that he liked his songs and that he wanted to work together.

In 2012 Levi and Vinall would work together in studio for a few months. The result would be a pop record of 10 songs, in which 2 collabs with the Dutch singer „Sita” and one with the Belgian singer Stash.

Levi and Vinall decided not to release the full record, but to release single after single. The first single release was „It’s not easy”, which would be played by Belgian national radio station “Joe Fm”. “Joe Fm” also interviewed Levi as a solo artist and gave him the opportunity to present himself and his new music to the Belgian audience. The radio presenter, Raf Van Brussel, who did the interview, would compare Levi’s voice to Jeff Buckley’s. With Levi’s words, it was the greatest honour he could ever get.

Later on, Levi would release the single “Rain On You”, which would be presented by radio presenter Eline De Munck on Belgian national radio station “Q-Music” in the program “Que Pasa”.

“Rain On You” is a duet of Levi with the Dutch singer Sita. The music and the story line of the animation video were written by Levi himself. The animation video was made in England. “Rain On You” would also hit the national TV in the series “Thuis” (Home) @ tv station “Eén” and also national radio station “Radio 2” would pick up the song.

After the productions of his songs, Levi got back to studio to rehearse with his live band, in order to plan a concert tour later on. In the meantime Levi would produce other bands like „Sexy Sunday” and „Tom Cuvara” which would be picked up by the national radios afterwards (Studio Brussel, Q-Music, …).

The production „House Of Mystics” of „Sexy Sunday” was even chosen as best production by international top-DJ Netsky for „Studio Brussel”. 

In 2014, Levi worked together with international dance DJ Peter Luts, who invited Levi for a featuring on his record. The song would be named “Miracle” and would end up in the playlist of the national radio station MNM, and in playlists of international radio stations in the USA, France, … Also the clubs picked up the track and even made to the Tomorrowland festival.

In 2015 Levi would focus on writing new tracks. It would take him 1,5 years to produce news songs as he wanted them to be.

In 2016 Levi starts touring again in Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands. 

In 2017 Levi produced teen star DJ Jorn. The two of them are still touring together and in the meantime, Levi and his singer-songwriter popsongs, are filling the stages and the studios...

"He's a real singer-songwriter, that's a beauty to work with."

                                                             - Phil Vinall

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